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Backyard surf-Take 2

08 Mar 2011 / 0 Comments / in BLOG

The phone started to ring around 10:00 and the boys were on the road searching for the best spot with the lively south west winds.

After checking Agger and Vorupor they decided to suppot the local bay in Klitmoller and give it a chance.


With the sun out, blue water and offshore wind we realy fell the spring coming. Jens was out for 3 hours before he went windsurfing, crazy boy. Martin, as usual, didnt want to miss anything and surf his head out while me and Sjeord joined around 14:00

Typicaly, the currnet was on, but just kept us warm running aroung back to the peak. Sucky little lefts were rolling quick on the bank and the boys were ripping hard and another classic homey session went down 🙂

If you didnt hear about it, the last week or so brought us some magical swell with no wind and long period and great conditions, you can check out the article on blue mag:

until next time,




enjoyaint no sunshine when you fall

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