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A Board Story

08 Mar 2014 / 0 Comments / in BLOG

It started just few minutes before we packed our caravan for a trip to France in  september 2010.

I saw it for the first time and i fell something special. A feeling that you feel once in a long time, the begining of a great friendship and endless adventures.

When i took it under my arm i knew its gonna be as good as it feels, and to be honest, i havn’t had such an experience since then.

Sudenly my good friend step in the shop and says ‘shit, you gonna love this board i want it myself! look at the rails!!! ahhhh’

And i was like at my 7 years birthday when i saw my first board, couldn’t wait to jump with it in the water.

I remember the first wave i had on it, it was a left hander in LaPiste in France. I went Bam Bam Bam like  i was surfing this board forever.

From that moment i surfed only this board. I travelled with this board everywhere. I won contests on this board. I even snowboard on this board. I used it as decoration. I gave up on it and took ot back again.

Every time i got a new board and was sure its over, i crawled back to this board becuase it fell so right. Every single Inch of it is perfect.

After the long journey i truely feel that now its time to move on and say goodbye to this board. Its the only way i will stop surfing it.

Its still going well, but we lost the magic, i simply can’t move it as good anymore… so giving it to someone who will be happy with it will just make me happy!

Sure this board went thru a lot, but still in alright condition and could be someone’s new magic board.

The board who polish my surfing, powered my turns, smooth my style and just made me happy time after time is going to keep do this things just to someone else, I hope.

I didn’t give it a name, i used to call it in a very long name that kept it so special, probably becuase Im enjoying talking about it over and over again. So when Vahine ask me, which board are you taking? I answer : ‘My Pukas, the 5’9, common… the blue one with the bordeaux and black line…you know’

After trying around 10 other boards since i got it, my quiver shrinked, i didn’t want to order more boards. I will use ‘my pukas 5’9………..’ anyway. No matter if its 1 foot or 12 feet. That the board.

So my ‘Pukas 5’9, The blue one with the bordeaux and black line.. you know’ this is our story.

Good bye.




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