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Who are we?

Mor Meluka

Age: 30
Hight: 170cm
Weight: 62KG
Favorite food: Coffee
Favorite surf spot: Secrets, Cold Hawaii and Tamae in Moorea, Tahiti.

-Danish OPEN Surf Champion 2015 & 2016

-Danish OPEN SUP SURF champion 2016

-Coach of the Danish National Surf team

-Founder and Surfboards designer at Columbus Surfboards.

Mor is currently living in Klitmoller since 2009. After spending 2008 with his wife in Tahiti and having their first daughter, they came to settle down in Klitmoller which known as the Cold Hawaii.

Mor started surfing at the age of 6 at his home town and joined the contests circuit at the age of 13. After wining 3 Junior titles, He went to try his luck on the European Professional Junior tour.

A couple of good results led him to join the World Junior Championship in Australia to mark a satisfying junior career.

Nowadays, living and surfing the north sea, Mor is passionate about exploring the new coastline and discovering new and empty surf location on the long and misty Danish shores.

Mor started to teach surfing at the age of 16 while combining surfing around the globe. With surfing and teaching in places like Australia, Tahiti and Denmark, Mor is using all the experience he collected to create a perfect comfortable zone for surfers at all levels.


Vahineura Itchner

Age: 35
Hight: 173cm
Weight: 63KG
Favorite food: Tahitian food
Favorite surf spot: The reef in Klitmoller and Haapiti in Moorea,Tahiti.

International Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

2014 & 2015 Danish Girls surf Champion.

2014 Danish longboard Champion.

Born and raised on Huahine, Tahiti until the age of 10, when she moved with her family to live in Denmark. Growing up on a small tropical island, spending most of her time in the sea, she feels right at home anywhere she smell salt water.

Vahine started surfing at the age of 24 and with a background of a sea lifeguard and a swimming teacher she found a very quick path to the world of surf-teaching.

Today, living with her family in Klitmoller, Vahine is surfing the cold waters of the north sea during the winter and when summer arrive she doesn’t hesitate to take her two daugthers to catch few waves on the local reef.

With Tahitian roots, Vahine grow up dancing the well know Tahitian/Hawaiian dance ”Tamure” and love dancing as well!



Mor and Vahine invites you to experience one of the world’s best feelings.
Try Surfing and be part of our lifestyle, feel our passion and share the love for the ocean.
Surfing has given us all that we love, from happiness to freedom, from fitness to wellbeing and from nature exploring to inspiration.
Surfing with our professional and friendly crew will be an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

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