What is Cold Hawaii Surf Camp??

Cold Hawaii Surf Camp is a surf school where anyone can come and learn how to surf

Where is Cold Hawaii Surf Camp?

Cold Hawaii Surf Camp is located in Denmark (not Hawaii) North Jylland,Klitmoller 7700 Orhagevej 151

What kind of Surfing are you teaching?

We are experts in Traditional surf. The normal thing…when you lay down on your stomach, paddle and stand up on the wave. In Denmark it’s called ‘Paddle surf’.
We teach S.U.P (stand up paddle) as well on flat water and on waves.

What is the expected water temperate for our surf experience?

March-April water temps between 5-9C
May-June water temps between 9-14C
July-August water temps between 14-19C
September-October water temps between 13-15C
November-December water temps between 8-13C
January-February water temps between 2-7C.

How are we staying warm in the water?

In Cold Hawaii Surf Camp we are using 5mm thick wetsuits of flexible neoprene made especially for the surf activity. We use 5mm thick Surf boots, Gloves and Hood when needed.

Is there a place we can chill and relax before and/or after our surf classes?

Sure! Our unique concept Surf Shop & CafeN151 is the perfect place to relax and dream away. A lovely lounge with beautiful view as well as plenty of tasty and healthy stuff at the bar such as: 100% Arabica coffee, smoothies, snacks, Organic ice cream and many more are right there!!!
All that with a perfect surf spirit vibes!

What do I need to bring to my surf camp?

A towel and bathing clothes. The rest is waiting for you at our place!

Can I send my children alone on a surf camp?

Depend on their age and your demand, yes! Please contact us for more personal info and Service.

Can I come alone on a surf camp?

Yes, it’s a great way to enjoy yourself and meet new friends!

Must I be able to swin in order to take place in surf classes and/or surf camps?


What is the minimum age for participation in our surf classes and/or camps?

From the age of 4 years old. From ages 4-10 we keep even higher standard and making sure that the child is with the instructor ALL the time.

How many surf students can participate at one surf class?

We keep a very high standard of max 5 students per 1 surf instructor. The international rules by the ISA allowing 8 surf students per teacher. We prefer 5 students for higher quality teaching and more personal time with each of our students.

So we can’t be for example 10 in one surf class?

Yes you can! There will be an extra surf Instructor with the group.

What is the different between surf school to surf camp?

Surf school is a single or multiple surf classes a student can join on any day without sleeping in our camp.
Surf Camp is a little surf holiday where our guests sleep in our surf camp, meeting new people, surfing as much as they can and having access to all Cold Hawaii Surf Camp’s equipment for FREE.

How many surf students can participate in a surf camp class?

Since the participants in a surf camp are joining multiple surf classes over several days, we follow the international ISA rules and NOT allowing more than 8 surf students per 1 surf instructor.

What is the maximum amount of surf students that can go in the water at once?

Depend on the waves and weather conditions, between 15-25 students at once with NOT LESS than 3-5 surf Instructors for their assistance.

What do I need to bring to my surf camp holiday?

Bathing clothes, Bed sheets and towels, shampoo, tooth brush etc.

Can I bring and make food in the surf camp?

Yes! In the surf camp there is a fully equipped kitchen where you can store your food and make it!

Is there internet access and tv in the camp?

Yes, in the camp there is free WIFI as well as a living room with TV.

How many people can stay in the surf camp?

– In our camp there is place for 20 people in 8 separate rooms that can be locked.

Can I bring my own computer/phone/tv/ipad/Wii/Playstation ?

Yes. Cold Hawaii Surf Camp is NOT responsible for any loss of personal belongings.

When is the surf season start?

Each year from the end of March and it ends at the end of December.

When is the highest season with most guests?

July and August

Can I come for a surf lesson or a surf camp out of the season?

Yes, after sending us a request for it, we will assist the weather conditions and if it’s not too cold we book you in!

I would like to stay at Cold Hawaii Surf Camp but I don’t need any surf classes, is it ok?

Yes, you can book a place to stay at our surf camp just as a simple b&b.

Is there a shopping place/supermarket near by?

Yes. The local SPAR 5 minutes walk from our Shop & Cafe

Is there a Gas Station near by?

Yes, right beside the SPAR

Is there a cash machine/ATM in the area?

Yes, right beside the SPAR and a new one 50 meters from our COLD HAWAII BOARD SHOP

Where is the nearest hospital to Klitmoller?

– In Thisted which is 13 minutes away by car.

Is there any Public transportation from and to Klitmoller?

Yes, The public buses are driving in and out Klitmoller to Thisted and from there to the rest of Denmark. In Thisted you can find a train station as well right beside the bus station.

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